High-quality Firewood Processors

Hakki Pilke launched a brand-new firewood processor Raven 30 in demand. The Hakki Pilke Raven 30 is robust firewood processor at affordable price for domestic use. This new machine can process...


Contact information

tel. +358 8 7727 300 (central)
fax. +358 8 7727 320

firstname.lastname @maaselankone.fi


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Hakki Pilke Easy 50s

Hakki Pilke Easy 42

Hakki Pilke Easy 38

Hakki Pilke Expert 37

Hakki Pilke Falcon 35

Hakki Pilke Raven 30

Hakki Pilke Expert 30

Hakki Pilke Expert 25

Hakki Pilke OH 27

Hakki Pilke Hawk 25

Hakki PIlke Eagle

Hakki Pilke HH 100

Halli Pilke Cleaner

HakkiLift 371

HakkiLift Falcon

HakkiLift 421

HakkiLift 381

HakkiFeed 371

HakkiFeed 421

HakkiFeed 422

HakkiFeed 471

HakkiFeed 472

Hakki Pilke Blower

Varmo Lift Farmer

Varmo Lift Double